Film Gallery

Below are some examples of films submitted to the Young Filmmakers’ Contest in previous years.

Red Carpet Programs

Short Films 2013

Short Films 2014

Short Films 2015

Short Films 2016

Short Films 2017

Short Films 2018

Documentaries 2016

Documentaries 2017

Individual Short Film Examples

Barney and Quackers

Common Threads




Spring and the Storm

Main Street

The Escape

Penguins Gather

A Show Gone Wrong

Eat Healthy Be Strong

Pen Pals

Space Connections

Never Judge a Book

Noises in the Night

Cookie Conflict

The Staring Contest

Where Do Animals Go in Winter?

La Nouvelle Ecole


Coffee Pants

The Library

I Speak English Now

Do I Listen To…

Magic Doodles

The Alien Choice for Mayor

Easter Fairy

Fork in the Road

Detective Darb

Empty Streets


The Switch

Stalker in the Meadow

Birdwatchers’ Club

Sport Stacking

Unheard Sounds



Just Business


Meet Me at the Nick

Love Connects Us to Everything

The Best Cannonball Ever

Strangely Beautiful

Lucy and the Test Answers

Kid v. Haunted House

Sidekick Dilemma

Do Not Choose To Be a Hero

Documentary Forms

Documentaries can be simple and easy to make.  The best way to learn is to watch a bunch of them to see how they are made and the different forms they take. Here are some classic documentary forms with examples, many from the Young Filmmakers’ Contest.

Performative- A first person narrator shares their own perspective on a topic they are connected to.

Expository- This classic form consists of visual footage with narration and/or interviews.

Participitory– A narrator on screen takes the audience to explore a place or situation, often emphasizing the perspectives of people encountered.

Observational- No narrator or interviews, just footage of a place or situation from a “fly on the wall” perspective.

Poetic- Images, music, and words may be used to convey an artistic impression of the subject.

Reflexive (Mockumentary)- A comical spoof on the documentary form.

See more examples of student documentaries on our Gallery page and at C-Span’s Student Cam.