Young Filmmakers’ Contest

Contest Categories

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Short Film

Short Film of 3 minutes or less (including credits) integrating the contest theme, “Truth.”  Interpret the theme however you wish.  This category is a Festival favorite because it is great for beginners and experienced filmmakers of all ages!  See the Gallery page for examples of past entries.

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Documentary of 8 minutes or less on any topic (no need to use theme).  Consider topics that allow you to integrate interesting, original footage.  See the Resources page for tips on camera work, sound and other film making skills.  See the Gallery page for examples of past entries.



Got a film that doesn’t meet the guidelines for the Short Film or Documentary category?  Send it in!  We want to show lots of student work!  No set time limit but shorter is better.  Judging and awards structure will be determined based on the number and variety of films entered.

2017 Short Film Program

Rules for all categories

  1. The Young Filmmakers Contest is open to K-12 students from Maine. Entries are welcome from individuals, groups, and classrooms.
  2. All film submissions should be original with LANGUAGE AND THEMES APPROPRIATE FOR SCHOOL AGE CHILDREN. (For example, avoid using profanity or graphic depictions of violence.)
  3. Films SHOULD NOT USE COPYRIGHTED MUSIC without permission of the copyright holder. Use original or royalty free music instead.  See the Resources page for more information.
  4. Films should include credits listing the title, music credits, and other contributors.  If preferred, students may use first name only in film credits.
  5. Students may submit up to two films in each category.
  6. Adult mentorship is encouraged but film content should be conceived and produced as independently as possible by student filmmakers.
  7. Contact information and signature of a guardian or teacher is required for all films.

How to Enter

Please be aware that submitted films may be posted on the PYFF website.  Please use Vimeo to submit your film.  You may submit via Youtube only if your video file is too large to use the free tier of Vimeo.  Please do not use other platforms.

  1. Upload your film to Vimeo.   For instructions how to do so, click here.
  2. Arrange Vimeo privacy settings (instructions here) without a password and so your film can be downloaded and embedded on our website.
  3. Complete the online Entry Form linked here and submit. (Active link not yet available)
  4. There is no fee to enter the Young Filmmakers’ Contest.
  5. Submission deadline is March 20th, 2018

2017 Documentary Program

Short Film Trailer

What happens next?

  1. PYFF judges review and rank the films by category and age bracket beginning March 20th.
  2. Results of the contest WILL BE POSTED ON THIS PAGE MARCH 27TH.
  3. Selected films will be screened at University of Southern Maine on April 7th at our annual Red Carpet award ceremony.  Other screenings to be determined.
  4. All programs of selected films will be posted on this page April 7th to enable community screenings and voting for the Viewers Choice Awards.
  5. All submitted films that adhere to contest rules will be posted on this page on April 7th to allow communities to screen whatever films they wish.